D-day or Diagnosis Day

We were in denial but my mom knew that something was different about our oldest son. Thankfully my mom called in a professional which convinced us to start our journey by getting him evaluated.

We knew something was different about him but when you actually hear the words that define how your child is different it hits you like a ton of bricks. Your next steps can define both your life and your child’s life. My advice is to not focus so much on what your child isn’t and what he or she can’t do but in pushing them to do as much as they possibly can. This mindset which took us a while to arrive at has drastically changed our lives and I wish we would have gotten here earlier. I didn’t cry in this video so that’s a step up from what I normally accomplish lol. This blog will be a cliff notes style version and I will embed the YouTube videos which will be more in depth and show case more things that have helped us.

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