The best event planner for IOS you might already own

As a youth pastor I wanted a app where I could have my total budget, projects, fundraisers, attendance, messages all in one and if needed be able to easily send it to someone if needed. I couldn’t find a app that did all of these things until my job ( made me think about how much I accomplish with spreadsheets. Numbers had just came out so I downloaded it and checked it out and that is what I use for my one stop shop here is how. Templates is one of the biggest things numbers brings to the table aside … Continue reading The best event planner for IOS you might already own

7 min at 7a on the 7th

I have been wanting to post a blog everyday for a while but I get so busy I rarely have time to do it, luckily I found a way around it with the nifty WordPress I can do a bunch at once and have it publish the upcoming days. I have a ton of reviews and thoughts so I will be able to keep it mixed up and not bore you. Everything will be video’d and posted with with iphone’s and ipads 🙂 just out of convenience for me. My goal is to keep video’s under 7 min and always … Continue reading 7 min at 7a on the 7th