Because its Friday Night and the Feelings right

I want to get back to something I use to be better at before having kids bringing people together to do something fun. Critical Mass becomes a day in LA for me to invite others to join me in becoming one of a mass of people filled with lights and music. The drive out becomes a time for me to hang out with people and get to know them. We then go to a new restaurant each time usually that’s been referred or well rated or both. This video is from the perspective of being a ride Marshall. A ride … Continue reading Because its Friday Night and the Feelings right

Amongst the critical masses

I ride twice a week for fitness if not more but sometimes it’s good to have a unlikely place to clear your head. For me I go to La for one of the largest regular bike rides you can attend. The last Friday of every month they roll out at 7:29p. All kinds of people and bikes from all different walks of life. This last ride I noticed how many good conversations I had with strangers and realized I don’t really do that anywhere else. Getting there isn’t always easy and the late night takes its tool but every time … Continue reading Amongst the critical masses