Things 3 -The todo list to rule them all

With a child on the spectrum its tough to juggle all the therapies and things to do so this is a quick over view of the todo list I have decided on. It isn’t perfect but its the best I have found.

The good

    Clean interface
    Ability to handle complex “Projects”
    Able to create complicated repeating events
    Areas divides areas of your life and works well with tags when things over lap
    Integrated with calendar so you see it all in one place
    Iphone and ipad are distinctive apps not just a replay
    Apple Watch integration is the best I have seen but wasn’t talked about in this video
    Shortcut support and url support allow lots of great features may cover in a later advanced video

The bad

  • Can’t add pictures (without using icloud links or something similar)
  • No collaboration options other then sending plain text
  • No web, android or PC options

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