Our Dirty Laundry

When you have a kid on the spectrum most of the attention is put on the child and rightly so to help them tackle the world with their unique challenges. One of the things we often over look as parents when we put are kids first is we also put all of our issues on our kids. With out meaning to we bring our dirty laundry for our kids to deal with.

A parent that has issues with anger shouldn’t be shocked that their special needs kid has issues with anger. A parent who is really attached to their things shouldn’t be shocked that their child wont share. It is said that children are like sponges and I feel like sometimes the special needs community thinks their kids are less “sponge” like so they feel it doesn’t affect them.

When my wife or I say something in traffic or yell too loudly he is the first to remind us he is listening. It’s hard to hear but its always good to seek wise counsel and have others to speak into our lives. For some of us that may be a community group for others counseling what ever it may be remember to tell yourself its ok to ask for help and in so doing help your child as well.

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