Because its Friday Night and the Feelings right

I want to get back to something I use to be better at before having kids bringing people together to do something fun. Critical Mass becomes a day in LA for me to invite others to join me in becoming one of a mass of people filled with lights and music. The drive out becomes a time for me to hang out with people and get to know them. We then go to a new restaurant each time usually that’s been referred or well rated or both. This video is from the perspective of being a ride Marshall. A ride … Continue reading Because its Friday Night and the Feelings right

Just Keep Going

It’s easy to get caught up in going through the motions as parents. Even if you are confident with who you are maybe you struggle with what your doing or where your going . I have had lots of conversations with different people from all different walks of life and scenarios and the question is the same. What am I doing with my life and what should I be doing? A lot of people put this into the box of their profession or charity work, expecting it to both define and fulfill them. Take some time to get away in … Continue reading Just Keep Going

Amongst the critical masses

I ride twice a week for fitness if not more but sometimes it’s good to have a unlikely place to clear your head. For me I go to La for one of the largest regular bike rides you can attend. The last Friday of every month they roll out at 7:29p. All kinds of people and bikes from all different walks of life. This last ride I noticed how many good conversations I had with strangers and realized I don’t really do that anywhere else. Getting there isn’t always easy and the late night takes its tool but every time … Continue reading Amongst the critical masses