Crayola Rocks

So many fears to conquer how do you do it with a child on the spectrum? One at a time is always our reply. Hezzy has always been terrified by the shower so we just let him take a bath. At some point though we knew we would need to tackle that fear just like all the others. Our awesome supervisor for ABA suggested paint soap and we found it for just $1 per color at target. My wife has been working with him and after showing him the soap paint he now requests shower on his own which has … Continue reading Crayola Rocks

Does a autistic boy go pee in the woods

It’s amazing how something that can seem so simple becomes such a challenge with a kiddo on the spectrum. We have had a lot of challenges that I would consider “funny” but this one, at least for now takes the cake. We were out searching for a sledding spot in the snow with no access to a bathroom and had just walked our way down a valley that would work. When I hear those dreaded words “go potty” which are normally a welcome sentence at home. I told him ok buddy let’s go over here to which he replied “no … Continue reading Does a autistic boy go pee in the woods

Can you see me?

Hezzy was anxious on this walk there was a lot of people it was bright and really noisy he put his “scarf” on his head to hide him a bit and wanted my arm over his head while we walked.  He lit up and said “I want bridge” it was the first time he showed any interest in anything. I think a lot of us hide who we are for fear that people won’t like us and then we question  how genuine those relationships are. I don’t feel it wise or beneficial to just spew every hurtful or negative thing … Continue reading Can you see me?

The Other Guy

  Hezzy occupies so much space with the therapies and special classes and other things that it makes it hard to give our youngest a equal amount of time and energy but we do our best. We also have to be really aware of not leaning on him to heavily as he gets older. He has been the big brother since he was 3 years old and has a special connection with Hezzy that is sometimes hard to put into words. He is bright, really coordinating and loves to push boundaries. He can be Hezzy’s best friend and greatest tormentor … Continue reading The Other Guy

It’s ok to give up sometimes

There are days in every parents life that feel overwhelming. With a child on the spectrum it feels like those days can be closer together. The one thing that would help is other people the problem is we convince ourselves that only professionals can help us. From there it progresses to convincing ourselves that we know better then professionals after all we spend more time with them. Pretty soon we have become lonely islands that feel that can’t take anyones advice and we never get out because no one can help us. I realized I can’t help my son if … Continue reading It’s ok to give up sometimes

A different perspective

It’s amazing how much a different perspective can change things. As a parent of a child with ASD I am constantly forced into his world and it’s different. I found i have this conversation with lots of people centered around what we focus on. When he is having a good day I can say “what did I do to deserve this?” and look at all the unique and positive things about his condition. On a bad day I can say the same exact thing with a different perspective “what did I do to deserve this?”. They are identical on paper … Continue reading A different perspective