Mini adventure on Rattan Plus

One of the reasons I started riding bikes in general was it was the fastest way for me to combine exercise and social interaction in the smallest amount of time. I took a day off from work so I didn’t take away from family time.

I took out my ebike my Rattan Fatbear Plus and pushed it a bit too far 20 miles out of 40 here’s what I learned.

  • When you have an ebike and the person with you does not be mindful of how long you are running the motor as this will greatly reduce the mileage even at lower levels
  • If you have a folding bike like the Fatbear plus be mindful of how steep the climbs are you won’t have the easier gear of a MTB so you will go through battery quicker
  • Mid motors will climb better then hub motors but that doesn’t mean you can’t use hub motors offroad
  • The Rattan has a really cool recharging feature called IPAS but you won’t be able to take advantage of that on most MTB trails only fire roads that are long enough. The recharge feature kicks on at 15 mph I was able to recharge quite a bit in a short stretch of road after the MTB but it wasn’t enough to make our train sadly.

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