Why Ebike and Why the Rattan Fat Bear Plus

Why an Ebike

  • You can in place of a car a lot of times
  • If your not feeling good you can still ride and let the bike do more work
  • You still get a workout completely dependent on you for how much
  • You can carry more stuff when you are not as worried about weight
  • You can have friends ride with you that are of different ability
  • It’s fun and you will ride more because of it and use it for more things
  • They are harder to steal
  • You can use it as a platform to do fun stuff like a light show or charge your phone or a friends phone etc
  • You can help others bring more tools and even help push others if needed ie someone breaking a chain etc

Why the Rattan Fatbear plus

  • This is subjective but love the look
  • ergonomics are comfortable in a pinch you can text and its easier to take pics and video be careful when doing so though
  • A rare case where marketing is the real deal IPAS tech extends range a ton sometimes double what other bikes in this segment can do
  • Folds and fits in the back of my car where my road bike won’t and other ebikes don’t
  • Can do both club road rides and mountain bike rides with same bike
  • Lower center of gravity has a great feel
  • Can do sand or snow (haven’t tried snow but sand is fun)
  • Sooo smooth over rough urban streets
  • Double suspension can handle really rough off-road others in this segment dont have this
  • Price is great even spare battery is half of what other companies charge
  • Gearing is better then other bikes in this segment where I can maintain 30 mph on road but also has a high enough gear for steep stuff most others in this segment have lower end components like Shimano tourney this is Altus
  • Details in general are just nicer with this bike, light cable management etc
  • Company has been great to deal with and a dealer not too far away
  • You can fold the stock down for a quick run into Starbucks
  • Security has both software lock and physical key lock and no 2 keys are alike meaning you have to make copies of existing keys
  • There is a spot for fender and rack that allows it to still fold and build stuff on