Because its Friday Night and the Feelings right

I want to get back to something I use to be better at before having kids bringing people together to do something fun. Critical Mass becomes a day in LA for me to invite others to join me in becoming one of a mass of people filled with lights and music. The drive out becomes a time for me to hang out with people and get to know them. We then go to a new restaurant each time usually that’s been referred or well rated or both.

This video is from the perspective of being a ride Marshall. A ride Marshall helps hold traffic so that the mass can ride through and keeps the crazies at bay so friends and family can enjoy a smooth ride keeping everyone together. My collapsible bike has now turned into a boombox bike with a microphone for this and has been a ton of fun. For just a few short hours I don’t think about all the therapies, IEP’s etc I am just a guy on a bike with a thousand or more people and that’s the way I like it.

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