You reap what you sew so invest in people

Whether you are having a typical child or a special needs child it’s natural to pull away for a time. It makes sense as you are trying to balance everything that has changed. The question is when do you try to start hanging out with others.

One thing I have noticed a lot is parents with special needs kids sometimes never do. Everyone needs community but when you have a child on the spectrum you feel like you don’t belong anywhere, which makes you retract from people and when something happens there is very few people to lean on . This means you have to be even more intentional about hanging out with others.

This machine takes a chaos of raw fibers and through a combination of moving parts makes a thread. That’s what community does it allows you to take the chaos of your life and with a bunch of moving parts (people) makes a thread worth living. We are very thankful for everyone who has been a part of our journey and look forward to meeting more people in the future.

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