The Adventure Man

I don’t know what age it starts but at some point as adults we lose our sense of adventure. I am not talking about wreck-less chance taking, stay away from those people. I am talking about something that gets you out of your comfort zone and lets you disconnect. A lot of my life as a special needs parent has been about denying all of the denying. How do you do this or that with a special needs child? How do you find time, space to do… I don’t know if it’s cultural or not but a lot of people speak of busyness as a disease they caught in a foreign land instead of a self imposed affliction. I find myself doing it too even though I am aware of it and working on it. I find with a lot of parents in general there is guilt associated with what we should and shouldn’t do both with our kids and when we are away from them.

When was the last time you had an adventure?

You will find you are a better spouse, friend , parent, person after an adventure from time to time. You can’t be an absentee in life so just keep it in balance. It has greatly helped me to have a friend that has taken me on adventures, sometimes kicking and screaming. Things rarely go as planned but it’s always epic thanks Kevin I appreciate you man.

Do you have a adventure man/woman in your life?

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