Angling for the right approach

There will always be moments in your life when you are trying to help someone see the other side of a dark time and your not sure how to help them. One of the biggest lessons my son has taught me is to keep trying different angles. He loves to swim but every year I have to help him remember. He will yell and scream “no Pool no Pool” to which I reply “you love the Pool bubba don’t you remember”. I try different things until something works and then he loves it and it’s hard to get him out of the pool. I help find the right thing to help him start but in the end he has to put in the work.

You can be the catalyst for someone to change but never the fuel. You can spark the engine of change but you will burn up like exhaust if you try to sustain it.

Do you have someone your trying to convince to put their toe back in the water? Are you trying to change someone that doesn’t want to change?

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