Brush brush brush all day long.

I would say my biggest hurtle raising my boys especially my ASD son has been myself. What I think he can and can not do can affect what I slow him to try. My greatest rewards have been when we just tried something without guessing what we thought he could do. I hear a lot of parents say my child can’t do that to which I will always reply are you sure and have you tried it anyway they may surprise you. Brushing teeth was one of our biggest lessons and one of my most painful memories. We brushed his teeth every day morning and night but due to the frequency of using candy as incentives he got a lot of cavities. I held him as the staff at the dentist office told me they were going to inject him with anesthesia and he would go limp and to not freak out. I heard what they were saying but I still cried like a baby when they did it as it felt like all the life went out of him. As parents we mix up guiding our children and controlling them to be what we think they should be, as harsh as it sounds that drains the life out of them. I try to remember that moment in the dentist chair when I think I am doing that and I pray I am better able to distinguish the two as I raise my sons.

Do you decide what your child is capable of before letting them try?

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