Keep your eye on the ball

I always wondered what a professional baseball players thinks about stepping up to the plate to bat. I know they have life issues but in that moment they need to keep their eye on the ball. To train before they step up and know they have done everything they can and the rest is not up to them.

As a parent of a special needs child life already feels overwhelming at times. So when that next curve ball comes our way we sometimes feel ill-equipped to handle it. We try to often times control everything with our kids knowing full well we can’t do that. Sometimes a lot of the stress is us not being able to reach a bar we set ourselves.

We found out my wife has Lymphangioma behind her eye unfortunately, the masses are wrapped around her optic nerve so to remove them would blind her. The masses are made up of lymphatic tissue so basically every time she gets sick it could flare up and cause pain and vision issues.

The lit up part on the right side of the picture are the masses behind her eye. We are doing everything we can to prevent her from getting sick and stressing and letting go of the things they are out of our control.

What do you need to let go of? What bars have you set too high?

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