Selfie=self centered society

I’ll be the first to admit I have done my fair share of selfies. So as I wrote this I am writing about my own conviction. I am by no stretch of the imagination perfect, I have my own demons and sins to fight every day. So I ask the question- why do you post selfies?

As a mom and wife, I have asked myself this question many times. Turning inward and towards Him to answer this question for me. Not that I blame society for why I took selfies but it sure hasn’t helped. And if my attention is directed towards God and leading an example for my kids then I have no reason to post selfies. This generation should be labeled “Generation Selfie”. We can’t blame society for not teaching our kids to have self respect for themselves and we can’t blame society for not teaching them to have respect for another person’s life. We see shootings, selfies, and sickness. How are we teaching our kids the coping skills to deal with a non-perfect life? I never learned those coping skills coming from a broken home and so as an adult I have had to learn these skills and it’s been a hard road.

See the thing is… we will never be rid of insecurities, sometimes they just change, evolve, or become less. The only thing we do is be self aware and not let those insecurities hurt those around you that you care about and love. We think to the fall of man, and you think… Darn you Eve! See we could have been in the garden enjoying the freedom of a sinless life. But it wasn’t the plan for man, and so sometimes we have a very painful life. One that includes so much hurt. If I didn’t have faith or belief in a God that turns the ugliest parts of me and wants to make them beautiful, I would be a disaster. I have hurt people that I care about and I wish I could undo it, but that isn’t the plan. The plan is for me to take those experiences and turn them around for His use.

Anyway, as a result of my own conviction. My husband and I have decided to disconnect from the world of social media as much as we can. I deleted my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I kept my Facebook to connect with family from other states and the friends that I still interact with in person and every one else has been removed. I hope people are not offended by that but to say that I have “Facebook friends” only is a ridiculous concept so I removed it from my vocabulary. It’s a false feeling to think I have 350+ friends when only 80 of those ACTUALLY care about me and my family. So if you get a text or an actual call from me it’s because I actually want to be friends with you in person not just on social media. I love all my family and dear friends who have stuck with me through all life’s ups and downs, I cherish you!



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