Day 4 Perspective

One of the greatest things people miss when reading the Bible is perspective. I know you are thinking how so, everyone reads it for perspective and that is partially true. I feel most people read the Bible to get something out of it. Whether good intentions or bad people want to glean something from it that will positively change their life. I know because I have repeatedly turned to the Bible for exactly this reason. It’s not just “perspective” but matter of who’s perspective and that is GOD’s. Every word was proof read by HIM sometimes this will perhaps cause us to look to deeply into something but that is rarely the case. Far to often we take little time and little reflection it is something we need to do on our daily check list. So I come to this conclusion read a book from someone who’s perspective you differ right now it is Steve Jobs biography for me and read your Bible trying to do at least an hour of your Bible and what ever you can squeeze in on the book. If something catches you and you want to journal do so.




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