30 days of discipline

Intro: I hear of many people who say they need to “find themselves” before they can improve or move on with their life. I reject that and say that I want to find who I should be, I have become increasingly aware of a lot of little things I do that I don’t like bad habits, character flaws etc that I want to change. Much like a person who goes along time before going to the optometrist and then realizing they can now see. I have always worked on extremes having a addictive personality I get super into something then something else so I figured I could use this character flaw as a guiding principal. My plan is to swing the pendulum far in one direction so that I can find balance. I will not do this to the detriment of me or family and friends but will strongly enforce these disciplines unless it affects others. I will be adding a discipline everyday for 30 days and sticking to them so that by the end I am enforcing 30 strong disciplines it would be good if anyone reading would ask me if I am sticking to it, if all goes right they should auto post everyday at 7a.



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