My failures come in 3’s

Well it all started while on my trip to Oregon when I hit a cement pillar. I would like to say that my failures are well spaced out and few and far between but alas that is not how I am. My mess ups seem to cluster together not by my own volition of course it just works out like that and I find myself chalking it up to a bad week and laughing it off.

Smaller but infuriatingly enough after looking all over my office for this Bike light and loosing the spacer to its replacement I find this at eye level the next day. I have no idea how I missed it but I did.

And the fridge at work I have defrosted it quickly by pulling the ice out a 100 times but not on this day. I also learned how those small fridges work now, the actual freezer part is the cooling element, felt like a total idiot. Coincidently needed to move one of the fridges from the call center because there wasn’t enough room for both of them so it worked out luckily.

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