Beetles and Tea

I have been really digging this “Gold Peak Green Tea” which I bought at my local Stater Brothers. It’s available at most restaurants now but my first time trying it was at the Harvest Cafe near my house, me and my pastor meet there regularly.

It was on such a day when funny happen stance would catch me off guard. I
walked out of the cafe and saw a couple of these Japanese Green Beetles flying around.

Apparently they like my Gold Peak Green Tea as much as I do because they were circling me and dive bombing me. The little buggers are pretty solid to and there spikes are pretty gnarly. So I quickly said bye to my pastor while swatting them away and I slip into my truck. Looking around to make sure I didn’t have a unwanted passenger aboard. I pull out and feel something on my back and I say out loud even though I was the only passenger in my truck “oh come on” and now there is someone behind me. I reach into the back of my shirt and nothing is there but under my shirt “really!” I exclaimed. I can’t stop the truck yet so I drive kinda slow over to the side and get out of my truck. I have no idea how it flew in at just the right angle to get under my shirt but now I have a problem he has really gripped on and buzzing like crazy. I contemplate taking my shirt off but decide against doing that in the church parking lot. Finally the beetle flies off and I have learned a valuable lesson don’t bring Gold Peak Green Tea outside or beetle will want a sip. Just kidding it did make me think about the people that get under our skin and we never tell them. At some point we have to deal with the problem not only for our sake but to set them free of having that affect on others. If you have someone in your life that gets under your skin you should tell them, let me know if you do.

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4 thoughts on “Beetles and Tea

  1. do you mean under my skin like annoys me? hurts me? most of the time i dont say anything and bottle it up. until i explode and yell and cry and contemplate revenge.

  2. I tried this tea today. It is the nastiest tea ever. It is overly sweet. No green tea taste. It taste like those cheap bathroom sprays. Horrible. I wanted to vomit right after a sip.

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