Day 8: Going Back

Started early but not as early as we planned it took me forever to get up. So we went to the big guy and it was good.

We hadn’t got any souvenirs so we asked for directions to somewhere to get some. We got the directions and we were off the only problem is we arrived at a mall that was open but the stores were not. This is as close as we got we missed their opening by only 30 min.

We were on our way was a beautiful drive but I was getting thirsty and my wife came out of the gas station with this. (she also took this shot). A Arnold Palmer is a drink that sits on the fence of lemonade and tea but a choice has to be made as to which side it leans too. The first sip lets you know which side the manufacturer picked, I prefer the lemonade side and if you do too then you will love this tea.

After that we took in the view and kept trucking. Shasta was amazing and pictures just don’t do it just. Oregon is beautiful but this day it was gloomy and we drove into better weather.

Kendra did what I would call a GG (good Google) she found out how to make our iPad even more useful on our road trip using only 5 head bands. It worked great and Hezzy enjoyed Mickey Mouse on the way home and we enjoyed a quiet cab :).

Another thing that made the trip really awesome was actually a audio book that kept me spellbound “born to run”. If you haven’t read or listened to this book you need to even if you aren’t a runner it is fascinating. There are some cuss words here and there quoting people which came at times that surprised me. Also keep in mind you can get it on itunes for 11.95 for the audio book and 9.99 for the Kindle edition.

We drove on and had a picnic in one of the many amazing rest stops in northern california. We tried these chips that are made out of cassava they were really good and didn’t taste anywhere as greasy as normal potato chips I was pleasantly surprised. It had a light BBQ flavor and was very crunchy.

I was thinking we haven’t really run into any problems on this trip but then it happened in one of the many gas station stops. I was pulling out of a strange setup gas station designed for big diesel trucks I hit a cement pilar while avoiding a acura behind me and eating a ice cream (which Kendra blames as the cause). We were lucky it just broke the lens not even the bulbs and moved the right side of the bumper. Was able to drive away with my pride more broken then the truck :).

Finally arrived at 10pm and I am glad to be home.
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