Day 7

This was the day I have been waiting for, and not because it is so close to going home. I have enjoyed my time here in Oregon, today was fly fishing day. I have been wanting to do this since I was a kid but never really pursued it. It was a blast even though I look overly awkward in this picture.

We even got to see the fish that swim in these rivers up close and personal before we got on our way at a fish ladder in town.

The boots and waders we used were awesome and I think I am hooked would love to fly fish some more. We saw a bald eagle fly over us which was amazing but didn’t get the shot off in time. Ate at a really amazing place.

Had some Melinda special or something like that couldn’t believe how good it was, like ham cheese grilled cheese with all the hamburger trimmings and came with a 3 been salad really hit the spot. We tried 3 different spots that were some of the coolest fishing spots I have been at.

After a long day came home and had tri-tip with mashed potatoes, salad, seasoned half baked potatoes and banana bread, oh man it was good. Then I am getting everything ready for the next day and I realize something.

Thats right it was raining and I just remembered I left the rear left window open. I run to check thinking surely I couldn’t have left it open sure enough I did. I have to run into the room that Hezzy and Kendra are sleeping in to get the keys. I run outside close up the window turn on the lights inside then check damage is minimum very little water I close the door and alarm it. My truck chirps at my as a warning as if someone was trying to get in I didn’t realize the lighting was wires with the alarm. I turn off the lights then re-arm and go inside. My father Inlaw comes out to see what’s up I told him I left a window down and went to bed no movie for me tonight just a iMovie I am making 🙂 stay tuned :).


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