Day 5

Today was great went to the park and had a picnic and played in the river.

I also have a new obsession paper airplanes. I found a awesome new app I will review later called paper planes it shows you how to make various planes.

Sometimes with Hezzy I have to pick my battles. He has been on this kick lately where he is afraid of moving water. He was kicking and screaming all the way to the bank but once there he loved it like I knew he would.

Even me and Mikey where playing in the water like kids skipping rocks and throwing big ones in the river. Mikey even caught a crawdad.

Then it was time to top things off with a bang. Firework fail time lol only 2 of 3 of them went off.

Then we tried something new for me Reese’s s’more oh man those were good.

And once again ended the day with a guys movie rented from the redbox after a hardcore fail getting a blue ray when we didn’t have a blue ray player Mikeys bad ha ha.

Pretty intense and a great never give up kind of movie.

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