Trip to Oregon day 1

Well I didn’t stick to my own self imposed blog time already. Our road trip preparation gobbled up all my time. So far the trip has been awesome I was dreading the drive but our boys surprised us and where good almost the entire way (Mattox) got restless the last 30 min. It has also been eventful I was leading so I was a little worried when I looked in my rear view mirror and suddenly there was no one and I mean no one behind me. The vehicle directly behind my brother in law flipped it was a Ford Explorer he said it looked like the driver fell asleep. Drifting to both sides of the road before lifting on the dirt. They pulled over called 911 but where to far ahead to help and by then there was a ton of people helping them already. We don’t know their names but keep them in prayer. Shasta looks like the top of the world and I am so renting a boat to drive that lake sometime. Kendra’s dad’s house is awesome we slept in the theatre room

lol. I have to say on a techy note after two road trips I really love the Tom Tom app it has been rock solid the homer guided directions are hilarious and music controls are easy to get too. Will keep you posted.

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