Day 2

Today has been a good day what I would call a recovery day didn’t do a lot of driving nothing crazy. The kind of day that reminds you to enjoy your time with people and not take it for granted in this busy thing we call life.
Morning started off amazing pancakes with homemade raspberry jam and turkey bacon.

Church was cool, a great sermon about conquering your fear.

My favorite quote is on my twitter (unchewable) “The question of fear is never answered with courage but with trust.” Worshipping with a person tells you a lot about them I realized how cool my brother inlaw is: humble, good husband, good father, genuinely inquisitive and all around cool guy.
We then went out to a really cook park.

Like alot if things here in Roseberg it was butted right up against the river stunning view and great facilities here. Lunch was amazing and get this I had the best rueben I ever had an it was vegetarian, yes you read that right.

This ginger ale was kinda weird though.

I failed at flying a kite but made everyone laugh in the process and I threw a boomerang an got the hang of it where I could through it and catch it within a couple of feet where I was standing that was awesome made me feel like a kid again. Finished the night by watching the eagle.

I liked it, has been on my movies to watch for a while.

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