Is a iPad right for you?

I have a lot of people ask me for tech advise which is great I am always happy to help and giving advice is the easiest way to do it. So being the nerdy tech guru that I am a lot of people may wonder why I got a iPad 1 so late in the game. I was seriously looking at the macbook air to be my next laptop but the more I considered it the more I realized a tablet was the right choice for me and specifically the iPad.

I knew the iPad2 was coming out but at the time (January) I was planning all of my events for my youth group. I was also speaking weekly and doing presentations and media with the projectors. So I always have all my info with me that is easier to read and share with other people. Keynote saved me a ton of time up at winter camp this year I started the slideshow while I was up there finished it when I got home. The cheaper price, lighter smaller package and easier to use for speaking made it a no brainer. The apps that are optimized for iPad really make it shine to there is some really cool stuff out there. For quick presentations I actually like the iPad version of keynote better and I really like keynote on the mac.

The last hold out was video editing with the new iPad 2 that has been solved too so my wife will gets the iPad one and will use with photography stuff.

So the breakdown:

1.) Choose by form factor if holding a tablet makes more sense then a laptop iPad is a good choice

2.) iPad1 is really cheap right now if you don’t need the camera’s or movie editing this is a better choice then ever

3.) iPad2 is the same price as the original and does more, it is good for Skype, FaceTime and other stuff. You can do video editing it is lighter and faster then ever. It runs iOS which isn’t as pretty as some of the other OS’s but it is more stable runs more apps and is more responsive then anything else out there right now. As for us we actually sold a nice 15″ laptop to pay for a iPad2 because I like my iPad1 so much.

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