Subway mind Refresh

This year was the first year we decided to host a Superbowl party we loved having everyone over and lots of them helped clean up which was great. I got a giant 6ft Sub from subway I looked forward to eating all week. While wrapping everything up I came to the left over sub. I had just finished perfectly wrapping the 2 ft of sandwhich when someone came in and said could I get piece for my son and I said sure. I then needed to saw the bottom board again with the sub on it. When I put the piece in the fridge I noticed if that last person hadn’t had asked for that last piece it would have fit in the fridge. It was the exact length that it needed to be.
There have been many changes this year for me the most recent one being a change in volunteer’s at youth group at church. One of the volunteers is about my age was much taller and had always taken the role of the enforcer of sorts he was the bad cop I was always the good cop. He has gone back to schooling so he is unable to help on monday nights. One of the recent weeks in particular made me appreciate when he was there the kids really pushed my patience and I had to be the enforcer because he was no longer there. This has made me grow and appreciate the different volunteers and people in general GOD has put in my life. Sometimes what may look like a sudden and drastic change is GOD’s well intentioned plan coming together


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