I am that guy

only cool if you are a ninja turtle

The other night I had to take out the trash and I had my socks on I put on my sandals and headed outside. It was a little dark before the motion detector light came on so I was looking down at my feet when I thought oh snap “I am that guy” the guy that were socks with sandals how did this happen to me. Nooooooooooooooooo lol well maybe I am being a little melodramatic but what fun would life be if we didn’t do that every once in a while right? It did make me realize how much we are hung up on the way things should be instead of thinking about the way things are. This affects us more then we let on and by the time we realize it more often then not it is too late. Someone’s feelings are hurt the opportunity is no longer there etc. Are opinions are formed about something and when we take a good look at why they are that way we don’t have a good reason. Most licenses have to be renewed like our drivers licenses but we only renew them because we are forced too. Many of us myself included carry over our opinions from past experiences rather then looking at the facts. We find ourselves divided on many fronts some will never change, others need too. Are you a mac guy or a PC guy iPhone or Andriod Chevy or Ford and the list goes on. I for one want to try and take a good look at my opinions based on how I see it now as opposed to the way things were. Maybe being “that guy” sometimes ain’t all that bad.


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