Talking Versus Texting: My Preference

To text or not to text that is the question

Now this has been a topic of some conversation as a youth pastor one of my pet peeves is texting. I have actually been writing letters lately and it has made me reflect on how we communicate in general. Letters are very intentional and have purpose where alot of the time we want to communicate stuff that isn’t really important at all and we may be ignoring something really important right in front of us. It is the worst thing ever created for public speakers it allows the users to completely disconnect with where they are at and those around them. With that said it has become a very convenient form of communication. For the majority of my communicating texting works better. Most are questions that can be given a answer in short form. Grocery lists, taking a picture of a item to buy or not to buy. The exception is the long in depth conversations why people insist on sending me a text on a complicated subject never ceases to amaze me. I call them back and a lot of the time they don’t answer. There is balance in everything and many people need to be shown balance in this area that is for sure.

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