Looking up at my fan covered in dust each blade chasing itself reminds me of how I feel at times.  A lot of the time if feels like much of what we do is really pointless, this isn’t true we know this but sometimes it feels like it. The fan never gets anywhere just spins in circles but when you turn it off in a room you immediately feel it. I have seen so many people not do anything with their life because they weren’t able to do everything. Most of what they talk about is how things used to be instead of what could be or is yet to come. I have made it a point to remember this and not become one myself. Most people don’t burn out they blow up and go out in a puff of smoke in some catastrophic incident wether it is emotional or physical the effect is a changed person. All of us will have times were we are going through something and feel useless. If this is you right now take some time under a fan hopefully you are that same breeze of cool air to those around you, if not change it is easier then you think


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