Singing to myself

The other night I found myself humming and mumble/singing and I thought how bad I must sound to someone else. Kinda like the bloopers on American Idol and you look at whoever is in the room with you and say do you think he is for real he has to know he sounds that bad. A lot of times I see people who think they are helping others when in reality they are carving a path of destruction through other people’s lives all the while thinking they are doing everyone else a favor, you have people like this in your life if you can’t think of any it may be you. This has made me do things one it has made me very aware of how to talk to and approach others for example I was helping out one of my youth kids by taking them to the DMV many people in his life have meant well but have only hurt him. My basic answer for most of these life example in this case is that adults aren’t perfect it isn’t a excuse but it is a sober reality. While he was driving my wife’s car I was sitting on a bench passing time by playing video games on my phone, while waiting I talked to a really cool guy and he mentioned how he got burnt at church. I laughed and said if I had a dollar for every time I heard that I would be a rich man, it seemed to put him at ease and we went on to have a really good conversation. The harder question is how do we talk to the offenders and there too we have to show compassion and although it is much harder, will have to do this together and show people that the church is still somewhere for people to go.


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