Oops Ambulance

You ever been so engrossed in what you are doing that you didn’t notice something obvious? It was dusk, the sun sitting at the end of the street, like a surreal Jimmy Dean commercial. I was driving my son home Friday and saw the guy in front of me pull over in a really strange spot so I went around. Then I heard it, a ambulance on the other side. I didn’t have my music loud, I was paying attention to the road just not far enough down the road to see it. I felt like a total jerk checked my mirror and the guy didn’t seem to mind, kudos to him. As I am getting closer to home there is a 2 way stop that gives the right away to my lane. I have always thought this particular intersection should be a four way stop but it isn’t. Apparently the lady at the stop sign thinks it should be too because I am pretty sure she flipped me off. Not paying attention to the fact that I don’t have a stop sign and she does. Both of these incidents remind me of what I should and shouldn’t do.
I should: pay attention to what is down the road a ways not just what is happening in my life right now. Gives me a better perspective of how God is working.
I shouldn’t assume that my way is the only way of doing things. This just makes me look insensitive and all kinds of other unwanted things.

So lets all take some time to think about more then the here and now and maybe set some short term goals I have begun to do this and it has really helped, I hope you do to and would love to hear from you when you do.


2 thoughts on “Oops Ambulance

  1. I’ve been trying to be more intentional with people and more outwardly focused. I never really thought I had an issue with this until I realized that the “humility” I thought I had was really overwhelming (and continuing) insecurity. This has prevented some amazing friendships that are starting to grow now. I just wonder where they could have been right now, as everyone is preparing to graduate, if I had gotten over my insecurities sooner and stopped stewing on the lies that the enemy was feeding me.

    I am also trying to see the bigger picture of things, not just in my life and the plans God has in His Kingdom through me, but also the things He is doing in other parts of the world. It is amazing to hear the stories and just sit in awe at His wonder when we think that we have so many brothers and sisters whose names we don’t even know, and God has chosen them from the beginning! WHOA 🙂

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