A little latté

So in one of the many blogs that I normally read Aimee talked about lattes. So I was determined to find one and I did at Kraemer’s coffee. It made me think about how so many things that are good are not good for you. It also reminded me that sometimes it is better to enjoy it then break it down to a list of pro’s and cons. When I do that I end up focusing on the cons and dismiss it all together. I am fortunate that I have learned this life lesson before dismissing too many people in my life and a lot of really great experiences. In fact alot of this talk will come up in my sermon Sunday. Sometimes knowing I am gonna have a crazy day a nice latte can calm me down. Everything in moderation of course and I probably have mire then I should. It’s ok to live life that’s something I have to remind myself constantly. How exciting where the lives of the apostles going from city to city always meeting new people? Why do we forget that so easily and make our Christian walk so mundane? Enjoy a latte and think about where in your life you can live a little more maybe GOD has been waiting to use you in a very specific way. There is adventure in every cup so let’s take a sip together.


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