Cleaning a pool can change your life

Today I went to home depot to buy an attachment to clean my pool. I have one of those machines that hobbles along the pool floor and it does a good enough job but it always misses things. I decided on a vinyl pool cleaner, even though ours is plaster. It was what my dad always used. It just seemed like a better idea than the other options. This cleaner has bristles on it instead of rollers and takes a little more finesse then the plaster pool attachment, but it’s what I know. I find that sooner or later people tend to return to what they know.

I went outside to clean the pool as I have done many times before because it was Bible study night and I didn’t know if anyone was going to get in, but I wanted to clean it none the less. It was about 84 degree’s outside and as I was cleaning I began to realize how quiet and relaxing it was. The breeze was buffeting my ear, a lot like you would get out on the lake; that warble sound you get when the wind hits your ear just right. The only sound was my breathing and the pole sliding down my hands, a practiced motion long forgotten. The light dancing on the tube just under the surface of the water painting a design on the bottom of the pool floor. There was a subtle rhythm, not intentional, almost second nature. I couldn’t let go to quick or the head would turn up. It had to be a fluid motion, slow and steady, no rush. No matter the task in life we are all too often in a hurry.

I pulled the wand out of the water and the once easy paint brush of sorts became an unwieldy instrument I didn’t recognize. I compensated, brought the attachment up to my chest and removed it. Slowly pulling the hose off the head as to be sure the water drained back into the pool not wasting anything, after coiling it up I set it aside.
I reached into the pool and grabbed the garden hose that had been running all this time and walked over to the pool pump. There lies the heart of the problem. A clogged filter heavy with algae. I pulled it out walked it over to the side of the yard with hose in tow. I washed the gunk away with the clean water and I got some on me but that is ok because I was focused on the task at hand. The filter being much lighter now and clean I lifted it back into the pump housing.
Slowly and meticulously I cleaned the canister so everything would seal just right. I flipped the switch and walked away to the tune of the motor humming, knowing my job here was done but that the process would be soon repeated.

Do those who once had a pool miss it, were they ever aware of it in the first place.

I have had people tell me they appreciate how I can see deeper things in every day life, it is a compliment I do not take lightly. I am just thankful that I can still see it because the day I stop trying will be a sad day indeed. I had to take a quality about myself, that once caused me to be very cynical, and change it to something that could be helpful. I come across people everyday who are acutely aware of other peoples shortcomings, it is something many people are good at unfortunately. I wonder if they will ever see differently? I will try to lead some, sadly I feel that not many will follow. I hope this finds you walking in that direction, it makes life much more interesting.


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