A little hook in my coffee

I never much cared for coffee but I work at an answering service that is open 24 hours a day so coffee is a part of life. I never much drank coffee before but do from time to time now. Some girls at my work make some crazy strong stuff that would make a truck driver proud, were talking about stuff that makes hair grow on your chest (which is strange all girls are making and drinking it lol). One morning I was thinking about how much creamer it takes to make it drinkable for me (I am a baby I know). I thought how much of the good it sometimes takes to make up for all the bad that is out there. How many positive things does it take for me to undue the hurtful thing I have said. I was watching the movie “Hook” with my son it has been a while since I have seen it and it was such a good reminder. That we sometimes get so focused on all the other things in life that we can’t focus on what is important. I want to be like that creamer and pour myself out till I make a difference will you do the same?


4 thoughts on “A little hook in my coffee

  1. First of all, ya you’re a baby. Second, I referenced the movie Hook today as well. Third, it’s a nice analogy if you don’t like coffee. I, however, like it a lot and don’t need all that stuff to make it tasty. 🙂

    1. Lol good stuff, great minds think alike and so do ours lol. I didn’t read through your blogs today just the small group one didn’t see mention of hook.

  2. I think that Becca was saying she referenced it in general, not necessarily in her blog…lol

    Anyways, that is a great analogy! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I feel like I’m helping out a ministry that doesn’t really need my help and when they do, I’ve already emptied my cup. The trip I just took to Illinois made me feel like I was just a full bottle of creamer, and the church was a huge cup of coffee. It took my entire team, 7 bottles of creamer, to make the coffee effective for the kids! We had an amazing time pouring ourselves out!

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