That’s a crappy thing to say

My son is getting ready to be potty trained he is now more aware of what is going on. I was reading and watching him but apparently not closely enough. He comes over to me whining and wipes something on my arm. The smell washes over me with a wave of disgust it is poo!!!!!! I grab both his arms and run him over to the bathroom grabbing a diaper and wipes and the changing mat to try and eliminate as much colateral damage as possible. I was his hands change him grab his blanket and put him to bed grab all the trash can involved throw the bags outside. I washed my arm grabbed the spit killer and zapped the effected carpet area’s and no I am not telling you where in the house lol. Got everything cleaned up and sat down the whole thing made me think.
Do we do this in our lives say these horrible things to people. Because if we do that same wave of disgust is hitting people when we are around them. That “poo” we are slinging around affects people just as bad and people will take all the other good stuff you had to say and throw it out with it. Let’s us lift one another up in what we say.

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