I jailbroke my iPhone

Well I finally did it and jailbroke my phone and finished customizing it. This picture is of my lock screen.

I am a hard core Apple fan but the added functionality and the ease of the jail break convinced me to finally do it. Here is what I did keep in mind I have a iPhone 3gs so speed is not a issue original iPhones and 3gs will more then likely see a big difference in speed.

1. Downloaded spirit jail break all I had to do was click and wait 30 seconds!
2. Got winter board and rock your phone this let’s you customize just about everything I chose the goc pro or glass orb color pro theme by Toyvan. It was $2 but his attention to detail is bar none it says it is the only them you need and he isn’t kidding it auto creates new icon from the app store I don’t know how and most popular 3rd party cydia apps here is a screen.

3. Downloaded 5 icon dock which works with the theme as you can see on that screen shot.
4. Got intelliscreen trial for now to see if I like it. It allows you to see calendar, SMS, email and weather all without even unlocking your phone. It also puts icons near your battery meter on the top right of your screen and let’s you know if you missed a call,SMS, email etc. One of the big reasons I jailbroke my device.
5. Open ssh let’s you remote in over wireless and change things like your text MSG alerts an backgounds which I did.
6. Installed fontswap and changed the standard lock clock to “gas”. This took me the longest to figure out.
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