Life happens when we least expect it

I think this is the way it should be but there are often times it doesn’t feel like it. Many of you now know that we are pregnant but many of you may not know where we were mentally when we found out. We had just had our first session with Hezekiah’s occupational therapist and speech therapist both are great. However we both felt really overwhelmed and I can clearly remember Kendra saying maybe it is good that we are not pregnant yet. Hezekiah has a sensory deficit, it is a fancy word for saying that he feels things differently then we do, it is pretty common and he is making big progress in just 1 month but there is always the fear of the unknown. Two weeks later we find out we are pregnant, GOD timing is perfect our planning never is. We have had time to digest it get more used to it and rest in knowing that GOD is in control. I was struck by this most specifically while working out in the backyard when I stumbled across this.

It is a bean sprout that came from one of the beans in Hezekiah’s sensory games he plays with his teachers. GOD works in wonderful ways and the mystery of how HE does that is a lot of what makes me feel most alive. I am not in control and that is a good thing, what a relief, is there something in your life reminding you that GOD is in control.

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