Crazy love

Crazy love notes

These are not cliff notes just stuff that stood out to me. It is a amazing book and really worth reading I really appreciate that the author didn’t put any fluff in there so it is short and to a powerful point. I bought the audio book on iTunes for $5.95 for that price I couldn’t pass it up it is even cheaper then the paper back book on amazon. What is so nice about this audio book is that all the segments are about 30 min long so great for morning commutes. If you have a iphone, ipod touch you can listen to it and take notes at the same time which is how I made all these notes. If you have any other smart phone or pc you can buy the audio book at you don’t get as big a price break as you do in iTunes at $7.49 at the time of this post but still totally worth it. My notes are divided by chapter.

Prolague: Live in a way that doesn’t allow people to use the church as a skape goat
-change is uncomfortable
1. then click on the awe factor of God
Tech over community, words are cheap and excessive
-rom 1:20
-what if I asked you to stop praying to God for a second and listen to him
Rc sproul men are never impressed with their insignificance until contrasted with God
-just stop and think video
– the gravest question before the church is God himself is like
-we have a God we can not exagerate
2. James 4:13
Don’t expect tommorow do you live like that?
Phil 4:4-6 give GOD praise
When I stress or worry it is like saying GOD isn’t big enough and our circumstances are more important to us then GOD
Eccl 7:2 I life lived for GOD is a good ending
3. how do you view GOD with fearful, loving, guilty
-don’t love GOD at a set time each day love HIM in all u do. Run to him like a young child runs to his parents
-take some time out with GOD read Jer 1
-eph 2:10 love GOD with our actions
4. Luke warm Christian
Matt 13:44
GOD isn’t interested in fakers
Don’t assume you are good soil
Has your relationship with GOD changed your life
James 1:22
Matt 21
Luke 18:11-12
Do a dinner party for the poor Luke 14:12-14

When people sign up for the marines they don’t ask for it to be modified but for some reason this same idea eludes many people when it comes to faith

-1st John 4:2
-We can not go to heaven if we don’t love Jesus
-2nd Cor 12:9
-Perfection bs a posture of obedience and gets closer to God
-rev 25 years after collosians was written the church something was wrong
-which is more messed up that we have so much or we dont think we are rich here in america
-we are rich like the young ruler
-God wants our best not left overs
-left overs are equal
-don’t give God praise out of obligation
-we shouldn’t be worried about failure in life but succeeding in things of life that don’t really matter
-He measures our life by how we love
-we need to be running up the escaltor running after God
-many people would gave to admit they have as much GOD as they can handle right now
-we would like to say we chose GOD over stuff but what we do with our time and money shows us what we really choose
are we in love with God?
-could you be satisfied with heaven if it was perfect but didn’t have Jesus, if you are really in love with God you couldn’t be.
-don’t try so hard the key is love, when we love w are free. Gal 5:13-14
-big difference how we feel about our faith and how we are meant to feel about our faith
-ps 63:1-5 should be every day
-when loving him is a obligation it becomes more about us
-let him change u
James 4:8 come near to God and he will come near to you
-if we need His help to love Him how much more do we need His help to love fault filled people
-we can experience God like the psalmist
-great is our reward although amidst our mess it doesn’t feel like it
7. God uses imperfect people look at the Bible
-something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers
-live wrecklessly for God and see his power, not wrecklessly for yourself
-1Jo 2:6 Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.o
-Mat 25:42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink,
-what if the disciples held on to the loaves that fed the 5,000 that’s what we do when we fail to give joyfully
-as we practice regular giving we see how silly it is to not give when we have been given so much
-When its hard and difficult to give more
– he wants to be our refuge
-what are you doing now that requires faith
8. Be obsessed with God
Takes more then kindness to share our faith Luke 6:32-36
-True faith is living a person after he hurt you
-who are the people you avoid?
-do u give to those that can’t repair you
-risk takers: we have made safety more important then Gods will
-how many people do u know in need?
-people who are obsessed are connected with someone who is poor
-Martin Luther: 2 days on my calendar this day and that day
-Isa 42:8 any attention we receive belongs to God
-if my daughters boyfriend didn’t want to pay for dinner because it cost to much or pick her up because it cost to much I would question his feelings for her. I would question a Christians love for God if he/she doesn’t want to do anything for Him.
-love God by loving his people
-I don’t want God to come back and me be sitting in a theatre I want to be helping someone or praying
-the average Christian spends 10 min with God and 4 hours of tv a day
-how much time and money is spent on you and on God
9. Stories dependance on God keeps him in prayer
-christians equiped for ministry
Book Unfettered hope
– rich mullins in 1995 he moved to a reservation to teach kids music he never knew how popular his sings were because the profits from his songs were given away
1997 rich died
-Rachel saint felt a calling to witness to a native people who killed missionaries on site. She lived with them for 20 years an brought them the word
-George mueller housed over 10,000 orphans were housed by him.
-yun: held in a prison beaten til he was crippled yet walked out of prison 6 weeks later through barricaded locked gates that were opened
-simple way
-what is your story? Eliminate the excuses to live radically to God live a life worth writing about.
10. what should we do?
-act 2:37
-how we live our days is how we live our lives
-memories are great but do they change how you live
-you must learn to listen to and obey God
-walk you talk
-we live as though if God wasn’t there everything would be fine
-Christians are like manure spread them out and they help things grow put them together and they stink
-we are quick to rationalize our entertainment and priorities but slow to serve God
-John 14:15
-if we love we obey
-what we do echeos in heaven
-help set the pace of the church
-don’t need to preach at your pastor or congregation you need to live your life for God
-is this what I want to be doing when Christ comes back
-2nd Cor 5:10
-Jer 32:18-19
What will people say about your life in heaven
2nd tim 4:7-8

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