Argument with my steering wheel

No I didnt actually get an a argument with my steering wheel although I have thought about it, I digress moving on. I have been dealing with the burden of responsibility lately. The feeling of “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem”. I still mostly believe in this saying however most of the time I take it one step further. I don’t think it out loud but my actions sometimes seem to say I ultimately want control of the outcome. I needed to let go of feeling like everything is my fault, it was in that moment my steering wheel caught my eye. I told my boss I never saw myself as a cruise control kind of guy but maybe I am. I haven’t been really looking at myself and why I do what I do. Being a CHRISTian needs to be part of who I am not a model I want to become. Reaching people in new and creative ways should just be natural because I am a “wierd bird” as my co-worker says and I love that about myself. Need to Give GOD the wheel to use the really clich’e phrase however you spell it.

Although the song “Jesus take the wheel” is cute it is a really harsh reminder that we never let go of it at least i don’t seem too. I worry about finances and whether I am doing good enough at church or work. Am I being a good enough husband or father. I am not sure that the song is even really good theology does Jesus take the wheel mean I should do nothing? I know that was not the artists intent but one can not help but note how many church’s there are and how many people don’t want to go anywhere near them. If our cities are so full of churches why is it that they aren’t better? If we give GOD the wheel, the rest of the car still needs to be taken care of so that when GOD calls me I have a full tank of gas ready for his journey. Learning yet another lesson from my son he loves riding in this little bike trailer we got of craigslist I call it the “doom ma buggy”. He feels no need to be in control even though there is a warning that says don’t exceed 10 mph what is that lol. He trusts me whole heartedly, now if only I could do the same.

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