Invictus invites us

I am partial to leadership movie’s with that said I will start on my little rant.
Is it better to face our hardships and fight for what we believe in or move to something easier? To stare adversity in the eye and know that we can accomplish more then people give us credit for. After watching a movie like this we would say yes of course but in our everyday lives we simply don’t. If we did the stories like Mandala and Martin Luther King wouldn’t be such rarities. As we know all to well it just doesn’t happen enough. Maybe we feel Our circumstances aren’t special enough to warrant any extra effort. Great men were not born that way but through action brought about great things. I want to be one of those men.

my favorite quote I have to watch again but is something to the effect of.

How do you inspire people to give more then they think they are capable in a time when it is needed.

Many of these words seem to speak to the church. For far too long we have been ok with a ineffective church. For far to long we have sat idle wrapped up in our rules and regulations, bracelets and t shirts. We have let people slip through the cracks unloved and unchanged. People should feel different around us in a good way not a bad way. Recent studies show people are more comfortable going to a bar then to a church to seek advice. Let us figure out how to change together.

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