Looking out the window

It is funny how much kids can show us without saying anything. Much of what speaks to us the most is their very nature. We see attributes we have lost and feelings we have long forgotten. Hezekiah my son can’t say much but constantly makes me reflect on who I am.

He loves being outside and will spend time just looking out the window. We take him outside quite frequently but he would never come back in if he had his way. The only thing that prevents him from going outside is me and my wife keeping the doors locked. I just finished reading the shack which has been eye opening experience along with my daily reading and wed night sharing group. God has used all these things to show me that I am like my son. I am inside looking out at the change I want to see in my life the only difference is that I am the only one to blame for the locked doors. It is time to open those doors and change. If you are reading this and are maybe feel like you have platued spiritually I have some suggestions for you.
1. Start reading your Bible in a new way weither audio book or new reading regiment I am going through it chronologically
2. Don’t set specific goals you will probably fail and get discouraged set guide lines instead. That way you have a direction your running without having a set pace.
3. Tell someone about it that can jeep you accountable in a none pushy way you can even email me, facebook, Twitter or call me.
4. Read the shack or get the $6 version on iTunes and listen to it on your way to work or shopping. It is not neccesary of course but I believe it to be very benficial.
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