Life as a sketch book

Ever since highschool I have like sketching but haven’t much stuck with it. I was never really good at it but I loved the pencils wierd I know. Having time to reflect the mind sometimes wanders to unusual analogies. When we are young we see the outlines of things beginning to form. Much like a good artist starting his layout.

As eager students we have an idea what these outlines will be but rather then waiting them to take form we assume we know and jump in adding our own details. Only to find out that we were only mostly right and that the details would have made things much easier. The painter includes those alterations we made but the painting is changed somehow and we will never see what it would have been. So the process goes and we become more cautious but still make deliberate mistakes. Then at some point something forms that we never saw coming. Even with all our experience we are ill equiped to handle it whether beautiful or terrible. We see others about to make some of the same mistakes we did, knowing that they may not listen doesn’t change the fact that we should tell them. I may not change the world but I will live to change a few how about you?

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