Following our own advice

The strangest thing about advice is taking your own. Seems so obvious and then one day it just hits you. Perhaps it’s because sometimes advice is more then the face value information that is given nothing can convey the experience. Or maybe it’s becaus we flat out don’t want to do it because of the finality of it like waiting on balancing those receipts in our check book.

Or opening that letter that’s sitting in our car. We know what’s coming but for one reason or another we don’t follow through.
I recently started reading through the a Bible in a year chronologically with the olive tree Bible reader.

I am doing my best to follow through here so feel free to check up on me. On that note one thing I haven’t experienced until now was compassion. I have always read on again off again but with a intelectual mindset and never consistant. I found in response to misguided people that I have been more compassionate. Saw the invention of lying had a interesting outlook on life. Through a hypothetical world they take a pharsically look at religion. I used to get upset with people that talked against religion. I am realizing that those people need the gospel the most and compassion goes along way to help guide them back.

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