Why I will buy a Ipad

The ipad is made for people like me here is a quick list why.

I have a  macbook pro and no desktop comp i have it plugged into all kinds of stuff including a 2 tb raid 5 external drive. Basically I don’t like to remove it, it is my desktop. here are some practical uses for the ipad.

[B]small presentations [/B] I have youth group once a week with a small group of kids. I don’t wanna fire up a projector for small presentations or just to show a few pics or news clips during Bible study and i don’t wanna bring in my big not so great battery life laptop that is expensive with crazy kids.

[B]bigger presentations[/B] I have a youth camp coming up this week and getting near a outlet for any length of time can be difficult but I would like to get pics together from people and put together a slide show by the end of camp. My laptop and even my netbook just don’t have the battery life to do it and are awkward sitting in tight spaces.

[B]Picture uploading[/B] There are lots of trips where i want to upload pics from actual camera’s. The ipad already has a camera kit apple has on their site and you can use the current iphone app flickit now but i am sure there will be ones especially designed for the ipad. Whether on wifi or the 3g this would be nice for me. Again i don’t wanna bring my laptop because it is big bulky doesn’t have great battery life and is expensive and i hate using my netbook because it is such a pain.

[B]vacation trips[/B] i like to blog, check a couple of sites send out some emails and be able to vnc to work etc. Netbook is a painful experience here so i bring it and dont use it, the laptop is a pain to pack so i don’t bring it, the ipad would be handy here where the bigger screen is better for blogging picture looking, web surfing etc, when i get back in the hotel.

[B]rural trips[/B] I just got back from a trip where i spent a lot of time in vans sometimes up to 6hr drives. my laptop didn’t have the juice, my netbook is annoying and my iphone didnt have the power to do what i needed to do. My job was to go through pictures and then upload select ones. My other job was to do a video and i find that it works best if i can come up with a story board on the trip and execute it at home with my faster machine. On those long rides it would have been nice to be able to go through the pics with the ipad deleting ones i didnt need so when i arrived at the hotel i would have set albums i could just upload.

[B]using around the house[/B] which jobs tried to kinda show during the keynote. i found that i would go in my office and work on the comp and my wife would watch tv. I found us increasingly spending time apart in our own home. So i started using my iphone in the living room more and more. This got really annoying really fast because of the input method and size of the screen but didn’t want to be in my man cave all day. The ipad would be nice here and seems to be its niche.

[B]reading in the bedroom[/B] i only really read digital books because i like to read at night with the lights out as i am going to bed. The bigger screen size makes this a obvious winner over my Iphone.

[B]bike riding to work[/B] I am fortunate that i live 3 miles from work so i can bike ride. There are times when i would like to get a flyer done or email a group of parents, or work on a keynote. i don’t need to do the whole thing just need to tweak some things during break. Due to the weight, size and in-expense of the device i could see throwing it in my bag getting some stuff done and be ready that night to do final changes on my laptop before showing it on my ipad to the parents.

[B]trip/event planning[/B] with big events it would be nice to have something bigger then my phone but more advanced then a pad of paper. i could look over my to do list email the needed people. have a picture layout of the event and where people should be. Who knows what developers could wipe up for wedding planners and event coordinators with this device in the future.

[B]interactive display[/B] My wife does photography on the side and for the price point this would be great to attract people to here display and not have to worry so much about people messing up a keyboard or it not being elegant enough for a wedding photography setting at a bridal show. For me it would be nice when we have church events and are describing what we do over the year and would be a nice conversation piece.

The list goes on and on, I have really thought it through and nay-sayers simply haven’t. I am not saying it is for everyone but for people like me it is gonna be epic. The new apps that will come out for this will be minority report awesome too.


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