Dont pass up a throw away

Ray Hansen one of the guys that runs a amazing orphanage in Rio Bravo told us a amazing story. One of his kids a young lady who grew up in his orphanage had gone to a calling. She was in a very rural area even by his standards. You could see his eyes welling up as he was telling the story. This girl introduces him to all the people she has impacted and all the kids from all over the town ran to her. He had said something that really hit me, “she was a throw away”. Someone left this wonderful little baby near a trash can. She has grown up to accomplish amazing things. Even with all the people Ray has impacted he says that day that girl put me to shame. He then turned to us and said if you were to take me by the hand and lead me around people you know, could you say the same? Many people blame their circumstances and who would have more of a reason to then her. How many people have you impacted and how many are you impacting?

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